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Oregon Golf Cart and LSV Laws

According to ORS 801.295, a golf cart is defined as a motor vehicle that has not less than three wheels contacting the ground, is designed to be operated at a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour, is designed to carry golf equipment and a maximum of two people including the driver, and has an unloaded weight of 1,300 pounds.


Montana Golf Cart and LSV Laws

In the state of Montana, there are more and more people relying on alternative modes of transportation. Golf carts and low-speed vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, especially in neighborhoods with older residents.

Montana Golf Cart Laws

TEEKON™ by SilverWolf™ Motors

SilverWolf™ Vehicles Inc. now offers TEEKON™, a rear wheel drive plug ‘n play power kit providing golf car enthusiasts with increased performance without sacrificing battery life.


Lucky Number 72

New E-Z-Go Express vehicles feature industry’s first 72-volt AC electric powertrain.


Taking the World by Storm

Nivel’s latest offering will make golf car owners happy and make golf car dealers’ lives easier.


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