Hungry Like the Wolf

A Canadian company is looking to increase power and performance.




SilverWolf Motors has announced the release of a new rear wheel drive plug n’ play power kit that provides golf car enthusiasts with increased performance without sacrificing battery life.

The new kit, branded TEEKON, brings greater range, power and speed to stock DC electric motor golf cars.

This high performance motor kit bundles an AC Permanent Magnet 12 HP motor, 840 Amp Controller, Plug ‘n Play wiring harness and powerful smartphone app.

Designed to bolster the explosive growth of golf car utility vehicles by delivering 20% greater range, 60% less weight than other kits while still offering 56% more speed and acceleration. This kit is not intended for the faint of heart. However, safety was not left out of the equation. It comes with a built-in safety locking hill hold and a rider profile smartphone app to protect younger or less-experienced drivers. Superior ease of installation and end user customization is built right into its DNA. The Plug ‘n Play wiring harness connects directly to the OEM wiring, while the slick, Bluetooth® smartphone app facilitates on-the-fly performance customizations.

CEO Bill Jager says: “We have listened to the marketplace….. Users want to be able to use their golf car as an agricultural utility vehicle, an outdoor sports vehicle or even a personal transport vehicle. So, we designed TEEKON for greater range, speed and torque. They want to go further, faster and into more challenging terrain on just one charge. We have met the challenge with the TEEKON power kit by SilverWolf.”

TEEKON is the second in a line of aftermarket ruggedizing electric motor kits from SilverWolf, who launched a geared 4WD motor kit back in 2014 and who are launching a new, fully reversing powerhouse kit in early 2021.

What really defies expectations is the fact that this kit will not break the bank, coming in at a slim MSRP of $ 1,938.00 USD; this kit is affordable to everyone harboring the desire to go further, faster and into more challenging terrain.