We Give Back To Our Community

Tidewater Carts has always been proud to call ourselves part of the close knit communities we serve. As such, we make it our mission to give back, through donation’s, sponsorship’s, or other opportunities. The owners of Tidewater Carts have work closely with and supoort foundations, schools, athletic clubs and charities in our area.

Tidewater Carts has worked with the following organizations in past:

  • Camp Kemo

    Camp Kemo

  • Irmo Chamber Of Commerce

    Irmo Chamber Of Commerce

  • Chapin Eagle Club

    Chapin Eagle Club

  • South Carolina Hornets AAU Basketball

    South Carolina Hornets AAU Basketball

  • School District 5 Foundation

    School District 5 Foundation

  • Chapin Junior Womens Club

    Chapin Junior Womens Club

  • Pawmetto Lifeline

    Pawmetto Lifeline

  • Special Olympics

    Special Olympics

  • Palmetto Health Kemopalooza

    Palmetto Health Kemopalooza