Remembering Vaughn

A Southern California man upholstered golf cars for the stars.

A man who upholstered golf cars for some of the biggest names in show business was remembered after his death at 95.

Vaughn Edward Tessier spent his life in Southern California, mostly around Redlands, and worked for many years in the golf car industry. According to the Redlands Community News, as a young man he learned car upholstery, and eventually opened up his own business with a partner, the George and Vaughan Upholstery Shop. Eventually he went to work for custom golf car maker Marketeer, and that’s where he did work for a number of celebrities. Stars such as Sammy Davis Jr, Arnold Palmer and Perry Como all got golf car upholstery featuring Tessier’s trademark multicolored umbrella.

His life story was all the more remarkable because of a serious injury he’d received as a boy; he suffered a head injury that left him partially paralyzed after being hit by his father’s Helms Bakery truck.