How to Diagnose a Bad Club Car Golf Cart MCOR

In order to diagnose a faulty golf cart MCOR, plug up the IQDM (Handheld Club Car Computer from Curtis).  If you do not have one, a local dealer can assist.   Plug in the IQDM to the IQ portal on your Club Car golf cart.  After the IQDM programmer boots up, click on the "Monitor" tab. Under this tab there are many fuction that allow you can monitor the golf cart while it is sitting there and while your are driving.

Curtis Club Car Precedent Hand Held Programmer for Golf Cart burned


MCOR Test #1

To test the MCOR fuctionality, click on the fuction that says "Throttle". With the cart tow/run switch in run, forward reverse level in neutral, slowly depress the accelerator pedal. On the monitor the throttle should move from 0 to 100% in a smooth consistant manner.

If the monitor show it jumping erratically from 10%, to 50% or back down to 8%, just an example, then you have a faulty MCOR.

If the monitor does not show the throttle going to the full 100% you also have a faulty MCOR.

If the monitor shows a long delay and there is clear spike on the monitor and it jumps around then you also have a faulty MCOR.


MCOR Test #2

Next you will want to verifty that the two wires on the MCOR are working properly.

Using your IQDM, go to the "Monitor" tab, then tab until you see "Foot Input or Foot Pedal Input". 

The monitor should say "Off" when the accelerator pedal is not depressed.  The monitor should say "On" when the accelerator pedal is depressed.  If not the MCOR is faulty.


Pictures of two different types of Club Car MCOR's below:




Other Tests Using the IQDM

You can also test the Forward / Reverse switch and the key switch by going to those fuctions and monitor while turning "On" and "Off"

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